Food Business

Food business is quite tricky. Whoever suggested you to get into this business or if you have taken this decision all by yourself, you are going to meet the reality either immediately or in near future. The reality is not as sweet as you always expected. Whenever you dream about a food business in your lifetime, you must know that, when you actually wanted to start, it is like standing 20ft high above an open pool without knowledge of swimming and guessing if you have any options doing what you always dreamt about or give up as you do not want to come out of the dream! “Read this carefully as you are reading this for the first time,” life is precious and beyond there is nothing! So, why make hasty decisions and end up doing much difficult things than, follow the experts.

Why do you call anyone as an expert? An expert is someone who would have walked on the path in which very few or no one would have tried before. He/she has a knowledge which gives you an advantage to buy time, effort, money and above all, confidence!

Over the years, we have dealt with the toughest business on the earth, as South Indian Restaurant Business. Very few know the reality and the rest just existed. South Indian Food Business is not a joke! Trust us, it takes a life time to expertise and a generation to streamline, as demands and challenges are not static but dynamic,  depending on the era you are unfortunately dealing your business with.

At Mr. Idli, we have understood the reality based on mixed values and traditions with experts who took off but, never made it and from experts who never took off and vanished (might be temporary arrangementsJ)! The reality is, this is a million dollar message and we are sharing with you. The moment you wanted to start a food business, it all boils down to one thing and that is “CONSISTANCY”. Food and Beverage, that you wish to serve at your facility, is all about consistency. If you do not have the consistency, you cannot deliver the expectations. An eye to eye and word to word, expectations will be always high. You must live to the expectation of your diners and rest is history.

Following are the points why you should do Mr. Idli Business:

  1. Our models are QSR and self-service models. 

Let’s digest this!!! Investing is easy but earning is much more difficult. We are not fancying about how much you can invest but, how you can expect better returns. We have simplified the process with lesser investment with quick return to boost your confidence. Quick service restaurants or self-service restaurants which will always be helpful if your products which are in demand but the advantage is that, you will spend less due to cut down on labors, extended service time and saving on cost of preparing the food items which you keep ready for non-selling days.

  1. We have changed the menu to Purely South Indian menu items. 

We must understand that food business as it is all about “you”! You cannot escape from who you are, where and how you are, for the sake of the reality. Customers are much more intelligent than you because, they eat at many places than yourself. The reality is to stick to who you are and deliver what you believe. Obviously, you may serve a bread sandwich for breakfast or roti and a nan for the lunch so, who are you? Super natural business establishment who can do all at one place. Highly impossible!!! We all have limitations and for real, we all love to connect with the reality. The reality is to understand we are South Indian and we are the best in few but, not all. Let’s accept it and deliver in what we are at the best and rather than, trying new horizon which we do not belong.

  1. We use premixes and ready mix to maintain food quality consistency.

This crazy idea came into our mind when we had continuous food quality issues. We promised ourselves to deal with it by running our own invested R and D, for last 2 years, in creating recipes which are 100% natural and nutritious. Also, we wanted to make sure that even a baby or a kid can have our food, with complete confidence and hence, our products are absolutely chemical free.

  1. Reduce production cost and skill staff dependency. 

We have guys who work for our competitors. Yes, unfortunately that is the truth. We are sure that one day our competitor will be helpless. You see, the product cost and quality dependency is directly depended on the manpower committed to work efficiently for you. Whatever you do and however you go, they are humans like you and me and it is difficult to deal with the South Indian cook, as they are normally not educated and they do not understand work ethics. So, we have created recipes which does not involve a chef to help you reduce the cost nor you will find their dependency to deliver the exact South Indian Menu Recipes.

  1. Enhanced technology and controls. 

Technology is always an advantage and one should respect technology in today’s world. Technology with controls helps you to take decisions easily and helps you to make right decision with ready to use controls for your business with the easy to use informed and tested tools.

  1. Best in the industry manpower recruitment network and support. 

Experience matters! There are good experiences as well as bad. Food business is something which everyone owes, either in reality or at least in their dreams. If you are a good cook, your customers will love your products but how do you spread the same talent across? It needs an experts to help you get the right people, to prepare the right product, with the right amount of training to handle your business. We are having Nation Wide tie-ups for recruitment and training with NGO’s to NPO’s who are promoting self-dependency. As well as we are deep rooting our presence with job oriented courses run by private and government organization to help individual’s livelihood.  We are also working with associations who are supporting candidates to find jobs and support their livelihood. However, there are organizations like, special cases who are willing to provide training as per our food menu to help others. Also, on a commercial demand, we are having 200 consultants (Direct, Indirect, Individuals, Company or an Organization) from across Pan India and Overseas to help us in recruitment and training.

  1. Updated and easy to adapt HR policy to reduce manpower turnover. 

A system should reflect with the amount of manpower turnover. An HR system is created to educate, evaluate and provide confidence in each contributor of the restaurant operations. The basic work of an HR expert is to analyses the efficiency and calculate the dependency to distribute and reduce the risk of one man show. A business cannot run on single hope/ talent or expertise! You cannot be theoretical in your approach with someone who does understand system (Like, uneducated manpower). You have to show the examples to make a person believe in what you believe as an organization. That’s what we have created to bring back the confidence in our HR systems and to reduce our manpower turnover.

  1. Best in the class project implementation from market leaders. 

We believe that every relationship should be transparent and if you wanted to keep it long term. Only the experienced will know the value of the word “Trust”. We always keep the faith in relationship beyond business dealings.

  1. Transparent business approach. 
    Freedom to do more.

Whenever you wish to do any business, most of the time you will not get answers to all the questions you have but, it is good to have a business partner who does! When you find answers to your doubts, life is much more easy than complicated. We do make such approach worthwhile with our transparent business dealing with instant updates and which allows you to sync with your life which is much more important than everything else.


  1. Let’s get started.

Now that we both know, if we connect? Let’s chat and exchange our views. Do not worry, we will not haunt you. It is not a must to do our business but, we love to share our life’s most precious experiences with you. Connect us online at or email us at to keep in touch.




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